The name has a double origin: HeyMe is about standing out from the crowd where there is so much noise nobody knows what to focus on. It is about finding the right way to communicate with target audiences to make sure they get the right message and are able to act on it.

The picture that springs to mind when I think 'HeyMe', is a classroom full of kids and one of them is jumping up and down in their seat, trying to put their hand in the air the highest, so that teacher will pick them.

It's also a bit of a play on my name. If you say Amy fast you end up with Heyme.

Amy Bell

team member
Communication is everything

Not all communications activities are equal, some are for building awareness and others are for stimulating action but all add to the story.

Amy Bell

Communications Consultant

I am passionate about communications and believe the key is finding the method of communication which is most suitable to the audience and the business aim.

I have been working in PR, marketing and communications roles for 10 years and been involved in a number of sectors, building up an understanding of how they work and what is important to those involved in each one.

Over the years I have topped up my PR degree with a Professional Diploma in Marketing and continue to take part in CPD activities through membership of Chartered Institute of PR.


press releases




case studies



Sector experience

Over the years I have been fortunate to work for a number of different sectors, supplying me with a wide range of experience and knowledge.

Manufacturing, engineering, logistics & transport 3years
Research & innovation 3years
Tourism & hospitality 5years
Business & customer service 2years
Education 1.5years
Sports 1years
Amy's work was always creative and of a high quality, even by my high-level expectations as a professional writer. Her approach to work is committed and engaging. Her choice to move away from London was the only reason that we're not still in the same team, and I'd be very happy to work with her again.
Ant Davey
Technical Publications Manager, RSSB
Amy is great to work with, focused, detailed and proactive. She was a key member of our team with a strong focus on both her internal and external customers, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her work.
Sue Hopson
Client Relationship Director, Institute of Customer Service