Our toolkits focus on internal communications to help make life easier for your business. They combine the expertise of HR, communications and psychologist professionals to help you get ahead on best practice whilst saving you time and money. We’ve also developed an online tutorial on how to promote your business through the right communications.


Hey Me toolkits combine the expertise of communications, HR and psychology professionals to enable businesses to communicate and engage with their employees successfully. Through our toolkits we aim to help businesses develop clear and refreshing interactions for future growth and change in their businesses. They have been built to support businesses as they develop a holistic approach to internal communications; helping them to better engage their staff and look after their health and wellbeing in a more considered way.

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New Starter Toolkit

An online toolkit packed with template guides, policies and checklists for helping your new employees settle into your Company.

This pack will support you as you develop a holistic approach to welcoming a new starter to your business. It covers all of the key checkpoints in an induction process and introduces some additional actions which will help new starters settle in and thrive from the off.

Although not an exhaustive pack of templates and examples what is included in this pack will help point you in the right direction and offers additional support for the more HR specific forms and policies you may need.

This pack is priced at £250 (payable at time of purchase).

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Foundations for engaging interactions toolkit

This is an online toolkit supplying businesses with all of the guides and policies needed to set up and refresh the foundations of good internal communications practice.

We find that many organisations approach internal communications from the silos of communications, HSQE and HR rather than taking a combined holistic approach. By combining our knowledge and experience we have developed a series of introductory templates for guides and policies that cover all the angles and encourage best practice.

This pack is priced at £250 (payable at time of purchase).

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Tutorials from Hey Me are available online when you need them. By signing up you gain access to an online course platform where you can complete the lessons, discuss with colleagues and share ideas and because it is available when you want it. It ensures everyone has the time and space to focus on their business challenges when it best suits them.

7 steps to effectively promote your business

An online course based on the original half-day group workshop.

This tutorial introduces you to the what, the who and the how of communications planning.

The course should take you between 3 to 5 hours to compete but could take longer depending on how much research you put in. You will finish with a better understanding of how to plan communications activities to promote your business, which tools to use and the beginnings of a plan to get you started. It will also help with your business planning.

During this course we concentrate on finding and refining your message and making sure you can successfully tell the story of your business.

As an online resource 7 steps to promoting your business is available online, when you need it. You will gain access to a discussion group and have opportunities to ask for feedback from the Hey Me team throughout.

Price: £45 (payable at time of booking).


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