Swan Health Physiotherapy is an independent physiotherapy business run by Ruth Wilson. Ruth decided to take the plunge and expand her own clinic instead of being part of a larger business.

Ruth was finding the prospect of marketing her business a bit overwhelming. So, she asked Hey Me to help. We set up a programme that introduced Ruth to the basics of social media marketing and gave her guidance on how to build a successful strategy.

Amy commented:

“Like many people when they start out, Ruth knew social media would help her reach her local audience but wasn’t sure what to put out there or how to organise it.”

Over a couple of short sessions, Hey Me guided Ruth through the process of planning, introduced her to the basics of each platform and supplied a framework to start organising her social media updates and ideas in a logical way.

Ruth explained how Hey Me helped her: “Hey Me gave me a really good framework that I could work to. They also helped me identify my target audience and educated me on what I was wanting to achieve with my posts.”

After making the initial changes, Swan Health Physio’s Facebook page immediately gained more engagement and exposure.

Ruth added:

“A lot of my business comes through word of mouth when people have received a good service, so it’s been extremely beneficial to have a presence on social media. I found it to be a really simple way for me to not only engage with my patients, but also for them to share their experience with other potential clients.

“I would highly recommend Amy and the Hey Me team – they are really supportive and easy to talk to. No question is stupid and they really helped me to make sense of the process.”


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