Six Key Marketing Trends of 2022
Posted by Amelia Spanton on 21 January 2022

New year, new trends. January is a great time to reassess your marketing strategy incorporating the upcoming trends of the new year. In this blog, we will talk you through the top 6 trends of 2022, from showcasing social value,  to exploring how organisations can harness new social media platforms to creatively engage with audiences. 

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1 – Shifting aims  

As social media and marketing evolves, we have seen a seismic shift in aims as well as in strategy. Many marketers are now zooming out to look at the big picture when it comes to metrics and goals. Generating brand awareness, in general, is becoming more of a key focus in social media marketing.  

There is also a gear shift towards businesses developing greater inbound marketing and content marketing strategies, which act to draw people in by providing knowledge, thought leadership and value. By creating unique and quality blogs, infographics and guides you can diversely demonstrate to your potential customer that your company has the relevant expertise and skills that they are looking for. 

2 – Need for storytelling  

Successful storytelling takes marketing and communications to the next level. A well-crafted story creates a stronger connection with the consumer or potential client. As the digital world becomes more saturated, becoming discernible from the crowd through a compelling narrative is even more important.  

As we discussed in a previous blog, good storytelling ‘prompts customers to interact with your company and to take action, whether that be to find out more about you, tell others about you or to purchase something you offer.’ 

In 2022, threading a clear narrative through your communications activity will be increasingly crucial for standing out online, as more and more brands establish themselves on social media.  

3 – Changing contexts and consumer needs  

In the world of communications, staying commercially aware as well as in touch with current affairs and politics is paramount, especially when it comes to avoiding bad PR. We’ve seen several examples of uninformed content creating a whirlwind of outrage online. A recent example we can learn from is the OVO energy blog, which failed to account for the real problem of fuel poverty that many people are currently facing in the UK by offering patronising advice. Ensure to keep this in mind and lend a sensitive ear when creating content in 2022.  

4 – Focus on aesthetics and design  

With the growth of visual-based platforms throughout 2021 and into 2022, such as Instagram and TikTok, brand design and aesthetics are becoming even more important. Brands need to make sure their content looks visually appealing and polished to stand out from the crowd and keep up with other creators. On top of that, making sure to create a clear, recognisable brand image threaded throughout your platforms and content, will be vital this year and beyond. 

5 – Showing social value  

Another key trend that will continue into 2022 is the importance of brands showcasing their commitment to social values. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is important as more and more consumers are scrutinising brands’ ethics and actions, and often choose to disengage with a brand that doesn’t appear to have this commitment.  

Sharing meaningful, action-based content can show that you care as a brand. In our previous blog shared in Pride Month 2021, we outlined how best to communicate that your company cares, from putting your words into action to showing your brand’s ‘human face’. However, it is imperative to practice what you preach, as it can be a slippery slope from a PR point of view if you are discovered to be using this commitment for aesthetic purposes only.  

6 – Exploring new platforms 

There is no doubt that new platforms and features of existing apps, such as  TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, will be in the spotlight in 2022. This is a great chance for marketers to produce new types of creative-led content and reach wider audiences.  

Did you know that 89% of global marketers plan to continue investing in short-form video content or increase their investment during 2022? Why not try out these platforms too. Nevertheless, it is worth bearing in mind that depending on your industry and target audience, the best platforms for you will vary, for instance, LinkedIn will continue to be pivotal for B2B businesses in 2022.   

We are excited to see what 2022 will bring! The fact that we live in a fast-paced world means that digital platforms and trends are constantly evolving. Combining the latest marketing and communications trends in 2022, with the existing principles is guaranteed to create an attention-grabbing strategy.  

We’re always scouting for the next trends, and we’d love the chance to share our expertise with you. Take a look at our range of services, our blog or contact our specialist team today.  

“Since day one, Amy herself has fit seamlessly into our team, understanding the message we want to convey and the audiences we want to reach. Her upfront audit was invaluable in helping us internally hone our common voice, which has demonstrated itself in the consistency of the content we put out as a brand and as individuals within the company. Behind the scenes, Amy has instinctively adopted our internal communication methods (Slack, SharePoint) and works closely with our in-house graphic design team to ensure our graphics and copy are in sync.” Lucy Prior MBE - previously from 3Squared 2021
“I saved so much time after implementing a more structured approach which has given me the opportunity to focus on creating more content and work more closely with my clients. Amy and her team are easy to deal with and are quick to provide valuable solutions. I would not hesitate to work with Hey Me again in the future.” Karen Duncan - Lanehead Coniston
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“I saved so much time after implementing a more structured approach which has given me the opportunity to focus on creating more content and work more closely with my clients. Amy and her team are easy to deal with and are quick to provide valuable solutions. I would not hesitate to work with Hey Me again in the future.” Karen Duncan - Lanehead Coniston

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