Here at Hey Me, we are sheer, unadulterated rail obsessives. With over 30 years’ combined experience in the rail industry between our small but mighty team, we thrive on working with our rail specific clients and helping them to bring their stories to life.  

Thanks to social media star Francis Bourgeois, the rail industry is experiencing a pop culture renaissance. His short form videos on Tik Tok and Instagram have garnered millions of views, celebrity cameos, industry partnerships including Network Rail and South Western Railway and even a coveted fashion partnership in the form of the recent Gucci and North Face collaboration. We thoroughly enjoy his videos, they always bring a smile to our face and it is fantastic to see the rail industry and its locomotives, with its rich history, get the recognition it thoroughly deserves.  

However, what is it that makes the rail industry such an exciting space to work? What makes trainspotters tick and what should the non-rail lovers amongst us take the time to stop and acknowledge? We spoke to members of the Hey Me team to glean some insights about the magic of rail:  

Emma Lever, PR & Communications Manager:  

“Before working in the rail industry, I simply viewed it as a means of travel however when I started my first role in rail communications in 2013, I was quite simply astounded at the intricacies, innovation and ideas that bubble under the surface. Now in 2022, I love looking at what locomotives are running across the network and delighted in seeing the battery train during COP26.  

“For the modern age, it is the most sustainable, greenest way to travel. Jumping on the train from Glasgow to London, I love putting my headphones on and watching the world go by, for that little bit of ‘me time’ that other forms of transport don’t provide, safe in the knowledge that I am reducing my carbon output and contributing to the future investment of such a special industry.”   

Amelia Spanton, Social Media & Communications Executive:  

“Having joined Hey Me in early 2021 without much prior knowledge about the rail industry, it was lovely to see the passion and innovation at its centre. I have always enjoyed travelling by train, having frequently travelled the long journey between York and Devon across my time at university. Train travel has also played a key role in my goal to become more sustainable, being the greenest transport option.  

 “I’ve loved seeing the amazing enthusiasm of Francis Bourgeois and his rise to internet stardom. His story of reigniting his passion of trainspotting and becoming his authentic self during lockdown is wonderful.” 

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