Storytelling is at the core of communications.

As featured in our list of Six Key Marketing Trends of 2022, the need for good storytelling from marketers is more salient than ever.

Over the years, the Hey Me team have worked with a myriad of clients across industries. Each in their own way have required expert narrative crafting in order to connect and build relationships with customers.

But you may be wondering how can it help you achieve tangible results? By crafting successful stories, you can build stronger connections, expand brand awareness and loyalty and establish a cohesive image.

Here are the team’s top tips for creating narratives in marketing and communications:

Emma Lever, PR & Communications Manager:

“Behind every business lies a diverse range of stories. However, the difficulty lies in weaving these out and communicating them in creative and attention-grabbing ways.

“Our top tip to businesses looking to up their storytelling ante would be to talk to your people – take the time to listen and learn, understand what makes them tick and what makes the products or services you deliver unique. Once you have these stories in your arsenal, take the time to understand who your audience is and how they digest their information and stories, be it LinkedIn or traditional media channels. Above all else, bear in mind that communication lies in everything we do, and everything has a story to tell.”

Amelia Spanton, Social Media & Communications Executive: 

“Our team knows that storytelling is a key aspect of any successful communication strategy. Through developing narratives, we get to understand more about our client and their values and work out how to best translate this into their communications.

“We love to thread compelling narratives through messaging to make sure clients stand out from the crowd and create a better connection with their audience.”

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